The Well of Wyrd

The Well of Wyrd (Urd), called Urðarbrunnr in Old Norse, is the well of fate in Scandinavian mythology. Located under the World Tree Yggdrasil it was the dwelling place of the three norns or Fates called Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld. The water of the Well of Wyrd was told to have magical abilities and it was possibly the key to life itself.

I have chosen the Well of Wyrd as the name of the blog for many reasons. I am a Scandinavian, which ties me to the folk beliefs in the area. Wyrd as a rune has fascinated me ever since I first was acquainted with rune divination. One of the youngest runes, it signifies destiny as well as the unknown. Wyrd, Yggdrasil and Scandinavian beliefs are recurring themes in my mystical experiences and thus have a deep personal meaning to me, while still leaving me asking the question: why? The name is there to remind me of this mystery while also marking what I hope this blog could be for the reader: a well of knowledge, inspiration and spiritual growth.


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