About the Author

My worldview isn’t simple. I am, in the core, an atheist. I do not believe in supernatural entities, let it be spirits or gods. That said I view atheism as a too strong of a term to describe me and I prefer to call myself a non-theist. I have a deep reverence for nature, which links me to naturalistic pantheism as well as paganism. I’ve also got a natural tendency to view all objects as having a personality or a soul, making me an animist as well. All these views affect how I discuss certain matters and especially how I view them during my magical work.

I am a follower of the Left-Hand Path. Coined by the Theosophical Society in the West and practised in Easter Tantra for centuries, the Left-Hand Path focuses on spiritual growth by means of separation as opposed to union. The Left-Hand Path not only challenges, but welcomes practices viewed as forbidden by the surrounding society. Traditionally this has meant (and still means) incorporating themes like death, sex, fears, evil spirits and other taboo subjects into the practice. Although the Left-Hand Path has grown many independent movements like Satanism in the West,  the Left-Hand Path in it’s original Eastern sense is seen as a path within a path (e.g. Hinduism). The Left-Hand Path has been described as the fastest, but most dangerous way to enlightenment. The pressure put on the psyche can be great and I advice anyone reading my posts and wanting to follow my example not to simply rush into the decision. I will discuss the reasons for this further in my writings.

For further comments, see Magick and Safety.


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