Beginner’s Guide

This is a list of articles directed at beginners in magick. The same posts are also found in the category Magick for Beginners. I will try to keep the list up to date, but I won’t promise it’s always following the posting schedule.

There is a reason for posting these in the other they are published. If you are new to magick, please take your time to read through every post in order and move over to the next one after having spent some days thinking and experimenting with the previous one. Feel free to post me questions if something comes to your mind.

Table of Contents

1. Magick and Safety

2. “Isn’t There a Faster Way?”

3. The Benefits of Symbolism

4. Keeping a Dream Diary

5. Meditation for Beginners

6. Hypnosis

7. Banishing

8. Divination

9. Formal summonings


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