The Well of Wyrd is a blog discussing various themes revolving around magic, occultism, paganism and history. I have been researching different aspects of Western occultism since 2003 and have a long history in working with different so-called spirit entities. However I want to stress that during all my time I have found little or no evidence of any supernatural phenomenon to be true. When I talk about spirits or magic, I speak of them in purely metaphorical terms – even when I don’t straight out tell it.

Ideas and symbols have a power of their own that we, coming from a literalistic Western culture, often tend to disregard. Psychology teaches us that the reality and imagination are only separated by a very thin line in our brain. For the mind it makes little difference whether anyone else shares your experience. When in a dream, the dream is accepted as true. For centuries people have worked on ways to harness the power of the dream logic to be used in the waking world: this is what we today call magic. Following the example set by Aleister Crowley I will speak of magic as magick, thus making a distinction between modern show magic and what’s sometimes called ceremonial magic. However let yourself not be fooled. The two kinds of magic still work best together – spirituality and illusion going hand in hand. This is where much of my fascination with the subject comes from.

You can read more about my beliefs here.


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